Where fashion, gaming and virtual worlds collide

We deploy fashion collection into virtual worlds

Our solution

For brands

Access a data-room to identify virtual worlds that best suit your target
Automate the translation of your ideas and collections┬┤ requirements into functional for real-time 3D content.
Get matched with the most relevant 3D creators according to your targeted virtual world and technical specifications.
Creation to deployment
Once your validate each item of your collection, you've nothing else to do, deployment is automated.

We streamline the creation pipeline for branded 3D content from idea to deployment into virtual worlds.

How it works

From idea to deployment

Create projects
With a few clicks, chose the items you would like to see produced, and the virtual world in which you want to integrate them into.
Upload your products
If you already have a clear idea of what you want or if you want to digitize some of your existing products, just upload your templates.
Accept creator applications
The, we match you with the most appropriate 3D creators to meet your brief, after which you simply need to select the one you wish to work with.
Validate renderings
Finally, validate the renderings and... you're ready for the integrations, you nothing more to do, Skinvaders takes care of everything!

Are you a 3D creator and want to work with prestigious brand ?

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